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Another satisfied customer!!

Another satisfied customer!!

posted by: Peter Blackshaw date: Oct 27, 2015 category: News comments: 0

A huge thank you to Vince Mosley. (Mosley’s Garage South Wales) who sent in this unsolicited testimonial.

“As promised I have finally managed to find a slot to test Tec4 engine flush and diesel treatment. The vehicle was an old 1995 Peugeot 306D non turbo (chosen because its an old slogger and a tough ask from the product) which we have serviced with competitor products.

As you are aware we have a dyno facility so the vehicle was run up twice pre treatment and managed 60.3 BHP @ flywheel 44.3 BHP @ wheels, post treatment another 2 runs were carried out and it managed 67.6BHP @ flywheel and 50.9@ wheels !! Truly impressive , but more so was after the last 2 runs I dipped the oil and it was absolutely spotless. Something i have never witnessed on a diesel engine.

This has prompted me to order the flush and diesel treatments. I will tests a performance car next with the petrol treatment and let you know my findings.

Regards Vince Mosley


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