The Carbon Cleaning Revolution

In addition to using engine treatments with every service, it’s also a good idea to carry out a deep carbon clean at regular intervals.

This is why we manufacture our own Tec4 Carbon Cleaning range of machines and products, which successfully remove gum, tar, wax, varnish, soot and carbon from the inside of an engine.

Not only does this boost the performance of a vehicle for garage customers, improving fuel economy and reducing the likelihood of a breakdown, but there are also environmental benefits, since it also reduces harmful emissions. And for your garage, it’s an additional income stream as well! 

A typical carbon clean improves fuel economy by 10%, saving the average customer approximately £200 every year in improved fuel economy. To help you promote this message, Tec4 provides posters for reception, leaflets and external signage, promoting the benefits of carbon cleaning. Just one carbon clean per week will help you realise a maximum return on your initial investment!

Thousands of pounds' worth of profit every year

Tec4 provides a complete range of engine treatments for preventative maintenance of a vehicle, with solutions designed to thoroughly clean oil systems, fuel systems, DPFs and cooling systems. For most garage customers, the best place to start is with a thorough engine flush, delivered as part of the overall service package.

The 4-in-1 Carbon Cleaning Machine and the 2-in-1 Portable Carbon Cleaning Machine

You’re probably presented with at least one type of contamination issue in your workshop every week, for example; a blocked DPF, sticking inlet valves, inlet manifold or EGR contamination.

The Tec4 4-in-1 Carbon Cleaning Machine can be used to fix all these issues with minimal fuss, making light work of blocked DPFs, fouled fuel injectors and vehicles that have failed MOT emissions tests.

Or, for SMART repairers or smaller workshops, the Tec4 2-in-1 portable machine for DPF and air intake, performs an equally effective job when unblocking DPFs, unsticking EGR valves and cleaning contaminated air intakes.

Running off a standard air compressor and with a full set of adapters to allow connection to any vehicle, all our carbon cleaning machines improve fuel economy, reduce emissions and restore lost vehicle performance in both petrol and diesel vehicles.

The 4-in-1 Carbon Cleaning Machine

The 2-in-1 Carbon Cleaning Machine

The Tec4 Carbon Cleaning Range – Delivering the right specialist product for the job

Petrol System Cleaner Pre-mix

  Improve Fuel economy

   Cleans entire Petrol System

   Frees sticking valves and piston rings

Diesel System Cleaner pre-mix

  Improve Fuel economy

   Cleans entire Diesel System

   Reduces harmful emissions

IMV Cleaner (Petrol)

  Dissolves Soot, Carbon, Ash and Combustion Residue

   Cleans Inlet Manifolds Valves

IMV Cleaner (Diesel)

  Dissolves Soot, Carbon, Ash and Combustion Residue

   Cleans Inlet Manifolds Valves

D.P.F. Soak

  Dissolves Soot, Carbon, Ash and Combustion Residue

   2 Part ‘On Board’ deep cleaner with DPF Flush

D.P.F. Flush

  Dissolves Soot, Carbon, Ash and Combustion Residue

   2 Part ‘On Board’ deep cleaner with DPF Soak


The most versatile tool in a technician’s toolbox, Bio-foam is a fully biodegradable foam that successfully dissolves oily sludge, soot, carbon, gum, tar and varnishes.

A treatment that contains naturally-occurring lubricants, Bio-foam is non-corrosive and suitable for use on any surface from rubber to modern gaskets and seamlessly blends with all oil and fuel types.

Bio-Foam Treatment

 Suitable for Petrol and Diesel Engines

   Compatible with all Oil types

   Removes contamination from almost every surface