Engine Treatments: Cooling System Improver

Modern cooling systems are required to dissipate a significant amount of heat generated due to finer tolerances within the engine.

As a consequence it is essential to keep the cooling system operating at its maximum efficiency.

Tec4 Cooling System Improver is a highly concentrated technically advanced formulation designed to improve the efficiency of the cooling system.

Key Benefits:

  • Eliminates oxygen from the cooling system
  • Improves cooling system efficiency
  • Improves heater efficiency
  • Inhibits corrosion build up
  • Prevents scale formation
  • Provides lubrication to the water pump impeller shaft

The product is a combination of 4 technologies which:

  1. Eliminates oxygen from the cooling system
  2. Prevents Scale build-up
  3. Prevents electrolytic corrosion
  4. Provides water pump impeller shaft lubrication

Tec4 Cooling System Improver is a blend of inorganic chemicals and corrosion inhibitors which combine to improve lubrication, inhibit corrosion build up and reduce the oxygen content of the coolant resulting in a significant improvement in the cooling systems ability to dissipate heat.

The product is compatible with all glycol-based anti-freeze formulations and OAT coolants.

Add one 400ml bottle of Tec4 Cooling System Improver to the cooling system.

For larger capacity engines add at 10% by volume.

It is recommended that the cooling system be flushed with Tec4 Cooling System Cleaner prior to the application of Tec4 Cooling System Improver.