Engine Treatments: DPF & Turbo System Cleaner

Stop-start driving conditions reduce the engines ability to make the adjustments necessary to induce regeneration of the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter), causing a continual build up of soot and carbon in the filter.

This results in reduced engine efficiency, excessive fuel consumption and lost performance.

Tec4 DPF and Turbo System Cleaner has been specifically designed to fix this problem.

Key Benefits:

  • Combats the adverse effects of stop-start driving
  • Lowers the temperature at which soot particles are burnt off
  • Aids passive regeneration of the DPF system
  • Improves engine performance and response
  • Compatible with all diesel engines
  • Reduces exhaust emissions

The product is a combination of 4 technologies which:

  1. Aids passive regeneration of the diesel particulate filter (DPF)
  2. Reduces the temperature at which soot particles combust
  3. Reduces soot emissions
  4. Improves stability of DPF systems

Tec4 DPF System Cleaner is simply added to the contents of the fuel tank.

The product uses a catalyst to adhere to the soot particles produced during combustion thus lowering the temperature at which the soot particles can be burnt off.

This enables the system to regenerate at the lower temperatures typically associated with short journeys and stop start driving.

Tec4 DPF System Cleaner is compatible with Diesel and Bio-Diesel.