Engine Treatments

Tec4 provides a complete range of engine treatments for preventative maintenance of a vehicle, with solutions designed to thoroughly clean oil systems, fuel systems, DPFs and cooling systems. For most garage customers, the best place to start is with a thorough engine flush, delivered as part of the overall service package.

Tec4 Oil System Cleaner, Oil System Protector and Top-End Treatment

Modern driving habits, extended oil drain periods and stop-start driving place a high demand on modern oils, leading to contamination build up on key components within the engine.

Tec4 has a complete solution to fight against contamination and keep engines cleaner for longer:

•  Tec4 Oil System Cleaner neutralises acid, adds lubricity and dissolves contamination that has built up in the crankcase.

•  Tec4 Oil System Protector reduces engine wear, inhibits contamination build-up and reduces oil consumption.

•  Tec4 Top-End treatment helps reduce engine noise

Oil System Cleaner

 Neutralises acid

   Adds lubricity

   Keeps oil clean for longer

Oil System Protector

 Improves & Protects Oil System

   Reduces Engine Wear

   Reduces Oil Consumption

Top-End Treatment

 For older vehicles

   Reduces Engine Noise

Tec4 Petrol, Diesel and DPF System Cleaners

Both petrol and diesel consist of organic matter. Natural degradation and combustion of organic matter creates contamination which quickly builds up on key components within the engine affecting fuel injectors, inlet and exhaust valves and exhaust gas recirculation valves. This has a detrimental effect on vehicle efficiency. Tec4 has a comprehensive solution to help your garage fight against fuel system contamination.

•  Tec4 Fuel System and Diesel System Cleaner products remove contamination and protect against future harmful build up. When added to the fuel tank, they add lubricity and clean contamination in the fuel lines, injectors, combustion chamber, inlet and exhaust valves.

•   Tec4 DPF & Turbo System cleaner lowers the temperature at which soot particles can be burnt off, enabling the system to passively regenerate.

Diesel System Cleaner

 Frees sticking valves and
piston rings

   Restores injector spray pattern

   Reduces exhaust emissions

Petrol System Cleaner

 Cleans Fuel System

   Improves engine performance

   Maintains oxygen sensor and EGR valve cleanliness

Petrol Injector Cleaner

 Specialist injector cleaner

   Dissolves contamination

   Aids combustion

DPF System Cleaner

 Aids passive PDF regeneration

   Improves engine performance

•  Compatible with all Diesel engines

Tec4 Cooling System Cleaner, Degreaser and Improver
plus Radiator Stop Leak

Modern cooling systems are required to dissipate a significant amount of heat generated due to finer tolerances within the engine.

Oxidisation within the cooling system can quickly cause rust and limescale. When used at regular service intervals, Tec4 Cooling System Cleaner gently loosens and dissolves scale and rust from the cooling system. 

Other contaminants often found in the cooling system include oil and grease, typically created following head gasket failure. Tec4 Cooling System Degreaser is a blend of biodegradable heavy-duty cleaners and de-greasers which combine to effectively break down and remove oil and grease deposits, improving heat transfer and enabling the cooling system to operate at maximum efficiency. 

Another way to ensure that cooling systems are operating to their fullest capacity is with Tec4 Cooling System Improver, a highly concentrated and technically advanced formulation containing a blend of chemicals and corrosion inhibitors. These ingredients work together to improve lubrication, inhibit corrosion build-up and reduce the oxygen content of the coolant.

Our Radiator Stop Leak is designed to temporarily fix small leaks in the Radiator, Cooling and Heating systems.

Cooling System Cleaner

  Cleans Cooling System

   Restores Cooling System efficiency

   Improves Heater efficiency

Cooling System Degreaser

 Removes Oil and Grease deposits

   Cuts component cost

   Restores Heating and Cooling efficiency

Cooling System Improver

 Inhibits corrosion build-up

   Prevents scale formation

   Provides lubrication to water pump and impeller shaft

Radiator Stop Leak

 Temporarily fixes small leaks quickly

   Emergency System repair

•  Compatible with all Anti-Freeze and Coolant products

The Complete Vehicle Package!

In addition to our core range of preventative maintenance treatments, Tec4 also supplies the following:

Automatic Transmission Treatment

  Non-Solvent Formula

  Stop slip and rough shifting

 Helps to eliminate seal leaks

Power Steering Treatment

 Eliminates System stiffness, shudder and noise

   Works to prevent fluid leaks

   Provides a smoother operation

Diff and Gear Treatment

 Ensure quieter Gearbox noise

   Quieter Differential noise

   Allows for smoother gear changing

Seal Conditioner

 Restore Elastomer properties to seals

   Prevent fluid leakages

 Extend working life of seals