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Tec4 Service Kits

Tec4 Service Kits

As a result of modern driving habits, contamination now affects 90% of cars on the road. Be it a reduction in fuel economy, an increase in harmful emissions or a blocked DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) these problems can be fixed or prevented through the use of our Service Kits.

We have four kits in our range.

  • Fuel Saver Service Kit Petrol.
  • Fuel saver Service Kit Diesel.
  • Complete DPF System Clean.
  • Oil System Clean and Protect.

The bold and informative packaging makes an attractive display on your reception counter and provides a useful marketing tool to help garages communicate the benefits of contamination removal.

Each kit can be easily booked out as part of the service and comes with a no-quibble guaranteed to either significantly improve fuel economy or fix an existing problem. The package can be further enhanced by taking advantage of our free Fuel Saver Service marketing pack.

If you would like further information on our Service Kits or the Fuel Saver Service marketing pack please contact us direct.

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