Workshop Essentials

Tec4 is committed to providing your garage with a complete range of treatments to ensure every vehicle that leaves your workshop is operating at optimal performance.

That’s why, in addition to our range of preventative maintenance products, we also supply a portfolio of workshop essentials for air conditioning, greasing parts, lubrication, brake cleaning and contamination removal in the air intake and EGR valves.

Tec Lube

  Multi Purpose Lubricant

   Displaces Moisture

•  Suitable for use on all ferrous metals

Brake Cleaner

  Heavy Duty and Fast Drying

   Dissolves Greases and Oils

   Keeps brakes ultra clean

Brake Cleaner (5 Litre)

  Heavy Duty and Fast Drying

   Dissolves Greases and Oils

   Keeps brakes ultra clean

Rust Shock

  High quality penetrating Oil

   Releases seized and corroded parts through shock freezing

Clear Grease

  Premium quality, reinforced with PTFE

   Low viscosity Lubricant

   Quickly dries to a high viscous grease

White Grease

  Calcium based multi purpose grease with PTFE

   Long lasting heavy duty lubricant

 Protects against rust

Air Intake & EGR Cleaner

  Heavy duty, fast acting cleaner

   Dissolves Carbon build-up and sticky residues caused by oil mist and exhaust fumes

'Seals Like Steel' Gasket Fix

  Unique Chemical for professional use only

   Transforms into steel like compound for a reliable, high strength seal to blown head gaskets

Air-Con Sanitiser

  Eliminates Mould, Fungi and bad odours

   Highly concentrated

 Simple, one press application